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A laid-back cactus park in the city center

cactus park

A nice quiet spot that’s very close the city center and las Ramblas but where you will hardly find tourists is the Mossén Costa i Llobera Park. The park is beautiful, it offers a unique collection of cactus and other tropical plants.

cactus park2The place is probably that quiet due to its location. It is located at the foot of Barcelona’s city mountain, the Montjuic.  Montuic is catalan and means ‘jewish mountain’. The park offers a great view at the main harbor and, interestingly, thanks to the wind-protected location, the area enjoys a special microclimate between 2-3 degrees above the city’s average temperature.

The park is quite big (about 3 hectares) and especially nice to visit in spring when the cactus plants are blooming. It is a perfect spot to chill and get away from the city crowds.



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