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Awesome coves at Costa Brava

There are lots of awesome spots at the Spanish Costa Brava. The coast is well known as a major tourist destination, however, it still offers many quiet beaches and beautiful small coves with crystal clear blue and green waters.

A great place to stay is Tossa de Mar, a small town with a nice sandy beach, lots of restaurants at the beach front, souvenir shops, and it’s own castle on a hill. Accommodation and restaurants are reasonably priced and the village is much more quiet and authentic than its neighboring tourist attraction Lloret de Mar.

There are many things to do in Tossa de Mar, but the best thing about the place is its location and proximity to the most awesome Catalonian caves. If you drive north along the winding coast street you will find many beautiful coves, all of them have crystal clear water, some have rock beaches, others golden sand beaches. Almost all of them are very laid-back and quiet.

cala bonaAbout 10 minutes drive from Tossa you can reach Cala Bona, a tiny cove surrounded by rocks. The sand beach measures about 20m2 and there is a small restaurant which was build on the rocks and that serves traditional food. You can reach the place from the coast street by following the small pathway that leads through the forest and down to the cove.

From Cala Bona you can walk through the woods to the next cove Cala Pola. Cala Pola is awesome. In 2014 it was selected as filming location for the Estrella Damm spot (Catalonia’s no. 1 beer).

cala giverolaIf you keep on driving north after Cala Pola you will find many more awesome and divers coves. Cala Giverola is a cove with an enourmous hotel resort, artificial lawn, swimming pools, beach bars, etc.

cala salions

Cala Salions is a small village with a nice and quiet beach. There are trees on the beach that provide shadow when the weather gets too hot in summer.

Cala Salions (and some other coves) have awesome partially artificial pathways through the rocks where you can walk along, explore the area and enjoy amazing views at the sea.

yo costa brava


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