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Rupit i Pruit: A catalan treasure

rupit (44)

rupit (75)Rupit is a small enchanting mountain hamlet located in the heart of Collsacabra Natural Park in Osona within the province of Barcelona (very close to Garrotxa, province of Girona). The hamlet is located at about 850 meters above sea level and about 100 km from the city Barcelona. It is located on a rocky mountain ridge and surrounded by forest. The name Rupit comes from the Latin word rupes meaning rock.rupit (62)

Rupit is a beautiful laidback hamlet made up of stone houses and streets made of natural rock that origin from the middle ages. Most houses have colorfully decorated wooden balconies and windows. The streets and houses are mostly from the 16th and 17th centuries. The village is very rustic and traditional, and counts several stores that sell craft and ecological food products which are produced there.rupit (46)
Further, there are plenty of challenging walks that lead around the village and through the woods to the nearby cliffs and waterfalls.

rupit (83)Riera de Rupit is the name of the small river running through Rupit. There is a hanging wooden bridge which was constructed in 1945 and that connects both sides of the village. The river forms the Sallent waterfall where it meets the cliffs. The walk to the waterfall takes about 1 hour (one way) and leads along a rocky path through the woods.

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Pruit is a second hamlet. It is only a few minutes’ drive away from Rupit. There are a few houses that are hidden between trees and it has a church but that’s about it. The one (and basically only) thing to visit in Pruit is its church.

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rupit (59)rupit (98)rupit (100)

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