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Collsacabra: cliffs, waterfalls and a submerged village

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The Collsacabra park is a beautiful natural area measuring about 142 km2 and it offers a vast forest, many cliffs, meadows, waterfalls and swamps. It is a quiet paradise where one can go hiking, swimming, kayaking, mountain biking or just relax. The park is located in the province of Barcelona and it can be reached from the city by car in about an hour and a half.

rupit (34)At the lower part of the natural park you can find two big dams, the Pantà de Sau and the Pantà de Susqueda, where the Rupit River flows into after it falls down the Sallent waterfall.

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The submerged village of Sant Romà de Sau

An interesting attraction of the Pantà de Sau is the church Sant Romà de Sau. The church stands under water. Actually the whole village of Sant Romà de Sau is submerged but only the bell tower of its church can be seen offshore. Only in rare occasions, when the level of waters is very low, the complete church and some remains of the former houses become visible.

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The Foradada grotta

Another must-see of Collsacabra is the Foradada waterfall with its natural pool. It can be reached by foot from a little town called Cantonigròs through a rough and rocky pathway that leads about 2 km down the woods (a 40 minutes’ walk – one-way). In summer the waterfall may run dry, however, it is still possible to seek refreshment in the natural pool.

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Also the village Cantonigròs is well worth a visit. It is a small village with one main street, several stores and bars where you can grab a cold beer. Most buildings are typical rural stone houses with wooden balconies that are colorfully decorated with flowers.

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