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Burgruine Hardegg – Ruins of an enchanted Romanesque castle

Burgruine Hardegg is a well-preserved Castle surrounded by woods. The place rarely sees visitors. It is not generally known or easily accessible. The castle can be visited from a small village called Zweikirchen (lit. Two-Churches). From there you need to follow a dirt-track road leading up the hill. After a 15 minutes walk you will find a small path on the right hand side which leads up to the ruins. The path is narrow and covered with vegetation (especially thorns and stinging nettles).

The castle has several levels: a basement, three floors and a roof top. The thickness of the walls is impressive (2-3 Meters). Each of the upper floors and the roof top are connected through an ornate wooden spiral staircase. The big roof top provides a fantastic view over the surrounding area. Not long ago the ceilings have been renewed. Each upper floor now has a traditional and impressive Carinthian wooden ceiling.

A tiny piece of history: The first document mentioning the fortress goes back to the year 1134 when it belonged to the aristrocratic family Hardeche (Hardegg).



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