My Top 10 laid-back places

Our planet is full of beautiful and stunning places. I have only discovered a very few of them. This is a list of my favorite laid-back spots: from National Parks, Islands,  and lost cities, to a fun waterfall and laid-back guest house. Among the places I have visited so far, these are my personal favorites…

10) Casa Perico – an awesome easy-going guesthouse hidden in a forest and built on a river (Guatemala)

Guatemala - 1655 - Rio Dulce - Casa Perico

9) A mystical Buddah Park (Laos)

buddah park - vientiane

8) Hoi An – a laid-back village in Vietnam

Hoi An2 Hoi An

7) Yangshuo – a relaxing village surrounded by beautiful mountains (China)

yangshuo YangshuoFromTvTower rice

6) Koh Tao – a magical Island (Thailand)

koh tao

5) Tad Sae – an amazing fun waterfall hidden in the forest (Laos)

tad sae2

4) Ankor Wat – the lost city (Cambodia)

ankor wat    ankor wat2 ankor wat3

3) Palenque – a Mayan village hidden in the forest (Mexico)

palenque palenque

2) Canaima – a stunning National Park in the Amazon forest (Venezuela)


1) Tulum – Mayan ruins overlooking the caribbean sea (Mexico)



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