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Cervantes Park – Barcelona’s secret rose garden

rose garden

rose garden2I have been living in Barcelona for about 5 years but I had never heard of the Cervantes Park, until today. I love parks, because they offer a way to escape from the city noises, the pollution and the stressful environment without having to go far. Barcelona offers lots of green spots and I have explored many of them. Today, however, I found a beautiful oasis which I actually did not know existed: a beautiful laid-back rose garden.

IMG_20150326_171816The garden is probably not that popular due to its location. It is located at the very end of Av. Diagonal almost on the outskirts of the city. The park offers a very green and open space, lots of lawn to relax and paths that lead through extensive rose bushes. The place is very quiet. There were only a few visitors. It is the perfect spot to disconnect one’s mind and to enjoy the colored beauty of the place. In contrast to other Barcelonian parks, this one does not have many trees that offer shadows; therefore, it’s a great place to enjoy the sun during the colder months, ideally, at the beginning of spring when the flowers start to bloom.

IMG_20150326_172052I read on the park’s official website that there are approximately 10.000 rose bushes of some 2.000 species. The peak flowering period is between May and July. This is when most of the flowers bloom at a time. All the flowers and plants wear labels with their names.

Further, the park is only a 5 minutes’ walk away from Barcelona’s Royal Palace of Pedralbes. If you are visiting the rose garden, it is a good idea to swing by the palace afterwards. In the past the place was used by the Spanish Royal family when visiting the city. Later the building accommodated a museum and was opened to public. However, the museum is closed now and the building seems half-abandoned. The palace is also surrounded by a nice garden with many trees, flowers, and fountains. And the park even has a small bamboo forest.

IMG_20150326_174624IMG_20150326_174753    IMG_20150326_175013 IMG_20150326_174907

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